Our Story

Sometimes big dreams have small beginnings

For Ed, the dream of starting his own brewery started with a realization during class at Cornell University. In his own words:

I was taking a class in Mycology (the study of Fungi) called ‘Magical Mushrooms and Mischievous Molds.’ In the lab for the class, they made beer as a demonstration of how yeast works. I thought to myself, “you know what, I bet I could do that.”

I got my hands on a Mr. Beer homebrewing kit and soon after made something that could best be called “beer-like.” I wanted to try again, but when I went to a homebrew shop to reload the kit, I discovered that it was possible to make 5 gallons of beer from scratch for not much more money than the kits. All winter I made beer every weekend at home, stopping for supplies in Hammondsport on the way home from school. It’s funny thinking back now, that with all the classes and all of the papers and tests, maybe the thing that stuck with me most from those college years was the education I was giving myself on the weekends. Instead of spending my weekends consuming beer like the typical college kid, I was obsessed with making beer.


That obsession never stopped. It only grew as I upgraded my equipment, learned from mistakes, improved my skills and my beers, and thought about how to grow and/or source the best ingredients.

There’s a reason most brewers don’t grow their own ingredients. It’s hard, can be expensive, and requires lots of patience and resources. But if it’s done right, it means an extra level of control over the end result. It means getting the beer closer to the taste I have in my head. And… doing what’s hard never stops someone who grew up on a family farm.

I have recipes that I have brewed 20+ times, recording everything along the way, learning from each batch and fine tuning each one until I think it’s perfect. I make beer because I love the process, the smells, the materials, the happy accidents, and the ongoing quest for perfection.

But more than anything, I like the look on the faces of my friends and family when they try a new beer of mine for the first time. They encouraged me to keep going when I was frustrated and still making rookie mistakes, and I want to share with them the result of all that hard work and their encouragement. 

I am ready. The beer is ready. 

We want to open KBC’s doors so we can share Ed’s creations with even more people. We believe that when more people try Ed’s beer, they’ll become friends and family too. 

– Kent Beer Company