Meet the Beers


Mud Shark

American Amber Ale

Caramel Malt & Amarillo Hops

This beer has a lot of caramel malt, which makes it slightly sweet, but balanced out by firm bittering to give it balance and drinkability. The Amarillo hops add earthy, grapefruit citrus, and floral notes. Named after my Dad's old childhood dune buggy.


Pruner’s Pale Ale

Thirst Quenching Pale Ale

Pine & Orange

Pruners pale ale sprung from a wandering mind while pruning trees one day. I began to taste the spruce tips off the trees to see what they were like. They tasted subtly sour and mildly orange in flavor with a fantastic aroma. People thought I was crazy. They still do. But Pruners has been a favorite since day 1.


Farmer’s Breakfast

Chocolate Coffee Stout

Dark Roast Coffee & Cacao Nibs

The coffee flavor on this one goes to 11, the chocolate comes across as a bitter baking chocolate, and it’s all backed up by roasted and black malts that accentuate the coffee and chocolate flavors.


Giant Pumpkin Ale

Spiced Craft Beer

Pumpkin & Spices

This one is made with real pumpkin, not the 800 lb'er I grew as a kid, but an heirloom buckskin-colored pumpkin called “Long Island Cheese”.  It has a dark-orange, sugary flesh that is baked and added to the mash on brew day. Hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove reminiscent of a Thanksgiving pie.  


Raspberry Blond

All Natural Blond

Real Raspberries

Made with real raspberries from NY state, no bullshit extract.  One of my most approachable beers. Balanced perfectly. Even beer nerds can appreciate the simplicity.


Hoppy Brown

American Amber Ale

Chocolate Malt & Hops

Quite similar to the Mud Shark amber, same hops, just more of them with chocolate flavors from chocolate malt, a little roast and coffee notes too.  At 5%, it’s a nice session beer.



Russian Imperial Stout

Nice & Thick

Our Russian Imperial Stout, lots of dark roasty grains. Nice and thick. 10.5% alcohol, well hidden.  It will keep you warm on a winter night. This one is not subtle.


You're Brewing it Wrong...



Secret Fort IPA

West Coast Classic IPA


An easy to drink west coast IPA. Not super bitter. Featuring NY state Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, and Amarillo Simcoe from the west coast.



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