Successful Kickstarter Campaign!

We’ve made it!

We’re so thankful for your support and can’t wait to start brewing.

With this major milestone completed, our dreams of opening the Tap Room finally feel within reach. This goal has been years in the making, and we couldn’t have done it without all of your support.

The original goal of $17,000 was set as our starting point to ensure that we’d have enough raised to make the down payment on a Blichmann Engineering 3.5 bbl system with all the pumps, hoses, and control panels to run it, along with one fermenter. We’re thrilled that we have the funds necessary to get started, however, that number is just the beginning of the expenses that we’ll need to cover.

With your continued support, we’d like to shoot for our next goal of $25,000. With those additional funds, we’ll be able to add another fermenter to the system.

More Fermenters = More Beer!

Goals, Goals, Goals!

Share, Share, Share!

We appreciate your support of all kinds. Whether it's through financial donations, or just sharing the campaign to your family and friends, we can’t wait to open the Tap Room doors to share Ed’s delicious beers with you as a Thank You!

We’ll see you in the tap room this fall!